Jun Fan / Jeet Kune Do

The art & philosophy of Jeet Kune Do. Developed by Bruce Lee and preserve and transmitted by his protégé, student and training partner, Sifu Dan Inosanto.

Innovative and radically ahead of his time in his training and teaching methodology, Bruce Lee developed a martial system and fighting strategy that has lost none of its effectiveness over time.

Jun Fan, or Lee Jun Fan is the Chinese name of Bruce Lee and is a set curriculum. Jeet Kune Do is what Sijo Bruce named his personal martial style and philosophy.

The guiding principle of this revolutionary art is personal growth and continued research and development. Emphasizing the ranges of combat. Students are taught to confidently flow from long (kicking-range), to middle (hand-range), to close (trapping & grappling range).

Our classes are a mix of high energy kickboxing drills, intricate trapping, locking and infighting and occasional ground tactics. You’ll get a good workout and experience why this art changed the martial arts world.

The art & philosophy (Jeet Kune Do) form the guiding principles of the Dayton Kali Academy.