Majapahit Silat

Silat is a collective word for the ancient indigenous martial arts of Southeast Asia. Versatile, comprehensive and well rounded, the system utilizes practical and fluid movements to deal with multiple opponents. Found in Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Vietnam, Southern Burma, Southern Thailand and Southern Philippines, there are many styles of Silat. These styles, whether they are named after a village, person, or animal, usually have many similarities due to this region of the world once being under the rule of a single empire - the Majapahit Empire. Majapahit Silat is another way of saying “mixed marital arts” from the southeast Asian archipelago.

The vast Majapahit Silat curriculum at the Dayton Kali Academy will teach the student a combination of striking, joint manipulation, throws and weaponry. Learn Harimau –the famous tiger system from Sumatra, and many other methods named after ancient villages and old world Silat practitioners.

Come and experience the exotic Southeast Asian Martial Arts!

You’ll have the best time while practicing a serious martial art.

Traditional Pentjak Silat

A formal Class. Pentjak: The art in the form of dance (not applied), Silat: The applied art. Learn traditional Langkahs (foot paths), Jurus (short-hand forms), Sambuts (techniques) and many other traditional training methods.


An old Indonesian village and river bed martial art. This class will focus on bone conditioning.
**Instructor approval required to take this class**